Top 10 In-Demand Occupations for Skilled Migrants

If you’re considering relocating to Australia to explore its diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and exceptional quality of life, now is the perfect time. Australia presents numerous opportunities across various industries that eagerly welcome skilled professionals seeking a new home. Delve into the top ten highly sought-after roles for migrants in Australia, spanning a spectrum of industries:


Construction Managers (ANZSCO Code: 133111)

Australia’s continuous infrastructure growth necessitates skilled managers to oversee projects, meeting the demand for residential, commercial, and civil infrastructure developments. The role would have you Oversee construction projects, manage resources, schedules, and budgets, ensuring timely completion and quality workmanship.

Average Base salary in Australia:  $116,118 per annum


Civil Engineering Professionals (ANZSCO Code: 233211)

Ongoing urbanization and infrastructure projects require skilled civil engineers to design and manage sustainable infrastructure across the country. The role would have you Design, plan, and manage construction and maintenance of infrastructure like roads, bridges, dams, and buildings, ensuring compliance with safety and environmental standards.

Average Base salary in Australia: $78,930 per annum


ICT Professionals (ANZSCO Code: 263111)

Digital transformation across industries drives the need for IT professionals to innovate and implement technology solutions. The role would have you Develop and manage IT systems, software development, cybersecurity, and data analysis.

Average Base salary in Australia:  $87,323 per annum


Software and Applications Programmers (ANZSCO Code: 261311)

Growing reliance on technology necessitates skilled programmers to develop tailored applications and systems. The role would have you Develop software applications and systems, from mobile apps to enterprise software.

Average Base salary in Australia:  $87,447 per annum


Electricians (ANZSCO Code: 341111)

As Australia transitions to renewable energy, skilled electricians with sustainable expertise are in demand. The role would have you Install, maintain, and repair electrical systems, with an increasing focus on sustainable energy solutions.

Average Base salary in Australia:  $34.24 per hour


Chefs (ANZSCO Code: 351311)

The diverse culinary landscape and thriving hospitality industry seek skilled chefs to cater to diverse tastes. The role would have you Plan and prepare meals, manage kitchen operations, and ensure food quality and safety.

Average Base salary in Australia: $24.64 per hour


Early Childhood Teachers (ANZSCO Code: 241111)

Increasing emphasis on early childhood education drives the need for skilled teachers to provide quality learning environments. The role would have you Educate and care for young children, designing learning programs to foster development.

Average Base salary in Australia:  $69,000 per annum


Child Carers (ANZSCO Code: 421111)

Rising demand for reliable childcare services requires skilled carers to support children’s development. The role would have you Provide care, supervision, and educational activities to children in childcare settings.

Average Base salary in Australia:  $47,495 per annum


Registered Nurses (ANZSCO Code: 2544XX)

Australia’s aging population and healthcare needs drive the demand for nurses to provide quality medical care. The role would have you Deliver healthcare services, patient care, and treatment coordination in various healthcare settings.

Average Base salary in Australia:  $70,172 per annum

Aged and Disability Carers (ANZSCO Code: 423111)

Growing aging population and emphasis on disability care necessitate carers to enhance individuals’ quality of life. The role would have you Assist elderly or disabled individuals with daily activities, ensuring their well-being and independence.

Average Base salary in Australia:  $57,000 per annum

Ready to embark on your journey to Australia and contribute your skills to its thriving economy? Explore these highly sought-after occupations that are listed on the Skilled occupation list and discover how you can have your path toward success in the Land Down Under! Reach out to our team today to learn more about opportunities, visa processes, and how to kickstart your migration journey. Your Australian dream awaits—seize it now!


All salary ranges have been sourced from Payscale.com for the Australia market (24.11.23)


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