Non-trade Courses in Australia

Why study a non-trade course?

Studying the right trade or vocational course can greatly increase your chances of receiving Work Visas to Australia.

But migration can be very difficult to understand. There are so many different types of visas and so much information out there, which can make it super challenging to know what is accurate for your circumstance.

Therefore we’ve created a booklet for you that explains a pathway that has been tried and tested. Pathway to Aus has had many of its students successfully go down this path to achieve Permanent Residency.

This pathway is not for everyone, however it may be for you!

Choose your Course

If you are seeking a career as a qualified teacher, we offer a range of courses to suit your level of experience and circumstances, from undergraduate to postgraduate teaching degrees. Teaching courses have a strong focus on practical placements, ensuring you graduate work-ready with the skills required to be highly employable and an exceptional teacher.
The health sector is growing in Australia with the Graduate Outcomes Survey reporting four out of five nursing graduates gain employment within three months of graduation. This course will give you the advanced skills to perform clinical assessments, contribute to nursing care of people with complex needs, administer and monitor medications and IV therapy, research and apply evidence to practice.
There is likely to be around 10,000 job openings in this highly-specialised field over the next five years. In this course you will develop extensive skills in configuring computer networks as well as programming and fault-finding micro-controller equipped devices. Learn about electronic engineering redesign, commissioning electronic systems, risk assessment, and technical documentation. You will also gain soldering, cabling and termination skills.
Accounting services are predicted to be a strong growth area in Australia over the coming three years. During this course you will develop an advanced understanding of accounting, taxation, law, auditing, finance and economics. You will also develop skills in creativity, innovation, marketing and digital business.
Information Technology
This highly specialised occupation offers high earning potential with employers looking for workers who have strong computer literacy, can communicate clearly, and work well in a team. If you dream of developing amazing software, designing multimedia experiences or creating tomorrow’s smart systems, this degree provides the technical, analytical and creative skills you need. Study on campus or and take advantage of optional internship units that add hands-on, real-life experience.
Social Worker
You’ll examine: how people live, interact and create; the challenges they face; and the ways they cope with those challenges. Qualifications in humanities, social work and human services provide a path to starting or developing a career that focuses on people in many different ways – from resolving social problems and providing care, support and justice to a particular community group, to developing new insights into culture, society and the creative process.

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