Secure Your Australian PR Visa: What occupations does Australia need in 2023

Are you thinking of migrating to Australia but not sure which occupation can get you the best chance of obtaining a Permanent Residency (PR) visa? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the 50 most in-demand occupations on the Skilled Occupation Shortage List (SOL) that give you the best chance of getting an invitation for a PR visa.

Most in-demand industries:


Project Managers, Architects, Surveyors, Carpenters, Electricians


Software Developers, Web Developers, Systems Analysts, Cybersecurity Specialists, Network Engineers


Early Childhood Teachers, Vocational Education Teachers, University Lecturers, Special Needs Teachers, Secondary School Teachers


Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Mining Engineers


Registered Nurses, Medical Practitioners, Sonographers, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists

Most in-demand occupations on Skilled Occupation List:

  1. Chief Executive or Managing Director: AUD 199,000 per year (median)
  2. Construction Project Manager: AUD 118,000 per year (median)
  3. Mechanical Engineer: AUD 77,000 per year (median)
  4. General Practitioner: AUD 117,000 per year (median)
  5. Software Engineer: AUD 86,000 per year (median)
  6. Registered Nurse (Aged Care): AUD 63,000 per year (median)
  7. Electrical Engineer: AUD 81,000 per year (median)
  8. Resident Medical Officer: AUD 79,000 per year (median)
  9. Civil Engineer: AUD 79,000 per year (median)
  10. Internal Auditor: AUD 75,000 per year (median)
  11. Psychiatrist: AUD 178,000 per year (median)
  12. Management Consultant: AUD 99,000 per year (median)
  13. Software and Applications Programmers: AUD 86,000 per year (median)
  14. External Auditor: AUD 66,000 per year (median)
  15. Petroleum Engineer: AUD 129,000 per year (median)
  16. Physiotherapist: AUD 67,000 per year (median)
  17. Accountant (General): AUD 63,000 per year (median)
  18. Medical Diagnostic Radiographer: AUD 84,000 per year (median)
  19. Industrial Engineer: AUD 77,000 per year (median)
  20. Speech Pathologist: AUD 70,000 per year (median)
  21. Chemical Engineer: AUD 94,000 per year (median)
  22. Occupational Therapist: AUD 72,000 per year (median)
  23. Software Tester: AUD 73,000 per year (median)
  24. Geotechnical Engineer: AUD 96,000 per year (median)
  25. Anaesthetist: AUD 309,000 per year (median)
  26. Mining Engineer: AUD 123,000 per year (median)
  27. Sonographer: AUD 92,000 per year (median)
  28. Podiatrist: AUD 72,000 per year (median)
  29. Environmental Engineer: AUD 80,000 per year (median)
  30. Quantity Surveyor: AUD 87,000 per year (median)
  31. Electronics Engineer: AUD 82,000 per year (median)
  32. Social Worker: AUD 66,000 per year (median)
  33. Dental Practitioner: AUD 108,000 per year (median)
  34. Financial Investment Manager: AUD 133,000 per year (median)
  35. Mechanical Engineering Technician: AUD 58,000 per year (median)
  36. Mechanical Fitter: AUD 70,000 per year (median)
  37. Surveyor: AUD 84,000 per year (median)
  38. Industrial Designer: AUD 72,000 per year (median)
  39. Biomedical Engineer: AUD 75,000 per year (median)
  40. Telecommunications Engineer: AUD 95,000 per year (median)
  41. Actuary: AUD 118,000 per year (median)
  42. Medical Laboratory Scientist: AUD 69,000 per year (median)
  43. Veterinarian: AUD 73,000 per year (median)
  44. Chemical Plant Operator: AUD 74,000 per year (median)
  45. Clinical Psychologist: AUD 87,000 per year (median)
  46. Multimedia Specialist: AUD 63,000 per year (median)
  47. Materials Engineer: AUD 89,000 per year (median)
  48. Biotechnologist: AUD 80,000 per year (median)
  49. Physicist: AUD 86,000 per year (median)
  50. Mining Production Manager: AUD 180,000 per year (median)

Not sure where to work or study?

Australia’s labour demand varies by state, so it’s essential to know which state has the most job openings for your occupation. Below is a graph of each state and territories current reported job vacancies:

Reported Job Vacancies ABS

If you’re interested in migrating to Australia, make sure your occupation is on the SOL and start applying for jobs in one of the above state or territories. Or if you’re looking to move into a new occupation, please contact us.


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